We deal with a specific analysis of the investment market.

We determine the trend of the SPX500 index based on volatility and 10Y bond yields. This is a good indicator to enter into long term investment positions.

This is the basis for further stock investments or investments in the form of ETFs. Most retail investors choose stocks or ETFs. Therefore, we analyse bonds and the overall market volatility. These indicators reliably determine the investment trend of the SPX500 index in the long term. Our analysis helps retail investors to open a long-term position. You can find the best opportunity to open a LONG position or a SHORT position on our website.


You can see difference between long term holding (RED LINE) on SPX500 vs our 4Shareholders optimalization (GREEN LINE) on the picture.

Why did we choose this model?

The proportion of investments is constantly changing. Financial institutions are investing in assets such as stocks and funds. The other part of the portfolio is betting on safety in quiet calm government bonds. The VIX uncertainty index is a warning for us and we constantly evaluate these indicators online.

Why did we choose this model?

In times of calm and growth, investors buy more stocks and funds for higher returns. Conversely, in times of uncertainty, they buy bonds with their money.

How do I know when it is not appropriate to invest in a LONG position?

Generally speaking, the VIX volatility index, which we track on our website, is rising. In the long run, it is better to wait until the market situation calms down.